About 桜音MIYUi

♬ 生日 :12月30日
♬ 星座 :摩羯座
♬ 興趣 :動漫、唱歌跳舞、研究音樂、研究穿搭、衣服製作
♬ 喜歡的顏色: 粉紅、白、紅、粉色系
♬ 喜歡的食物: 奶綠、芋圓、胡椒餅、麻糬、泡芙
♬ 喜歡的偶像: 小桃音まい
♬ 喜歡的東西: 三麗鷗kitty、my melody、my sweet piano、甜甜果香味的香水、乳液

櫻音MIYUi ♪,少數在日台灣偶像,以音符元素為主題,曲風多變,要帶給大家繽紛七彩的音樂世界💕

2015年8月出道於舉辦在日本橫濱ARENA的知名大型偶像祭典「@JAM EXPO」並且發表了第一首個人原創曲後開始SOLO IDOL活動。 目前活動據點以日本為主,定期台灣遠征參與各種偶像LIVE及活動,也在台灣主辦生誕活動、個人演唱會3場、CD發售發表活動,以及在2018年底參與台灣手機遊戲角色歌曲的錄製。




誕生日 12月30日
♬ 星座 山羊座
♬ 趣味 アニメ、歌う踊る、音楽研究、ファッション、衣装作り
♬ 好きな色 ピンク、白、赤、パステル色
♬ 好きな食べ物 グリーンミルクティー、タロイモ、餅、シュークリーム
♬ 好きなアイドル 小桃音まい
♬ 好きな物 サンリオキティ、マイメロ、マイスウィートピアノ、ベリー系甘い香り

2015年、@JAM EXPOに参加し、初のオリジナル曲を披露し、日本での活動の幅を広げ、本格的なソロ活動を始めた。




♬ Birthday :12/30
♬ Constellation :Capricorn
♬ Interest :Anime, singing and dancing, studying music, studying dressing, making clothes
♬ favorite color: pink、white、red
♬ favorite foods: green milk, taro balls, pepper cake, mochi, puff
♬ favorite idol: Mai Kotone
♬ favorite stuff: Sanrio hello kitty、my melody、Sweet and fruity perfume, lotion

I’m Oune MIYUi♪ , in order to convey happiness, I came to the earth from the kingdom of musical notes to meet everyone.💕

In 2015 aug , I participate the 「@JAM EXPO」in YOKOHAMA . And started SOLO IDOL activities after releasing my first original song. Currently the main activity base is Japan, and regularly participates in various idol LIVE in Taiwan ( e.g. 3DLR Live , Touch The Japan , Petit Fancy etc…). I Also hosted birthday events in Taiwan, 3 solo concerts, CD release announcement events, and participated in the recording of Taiwanese mobile game character songs at the end of 2018.

2017-2019, over one hundred events are performed every year. In order to bring everyone 100% Japanese idol music, the original songs are made by Japanese music producers who specialize in writing idol songs. The lyrics of some songs are filled in by Oune MIYUi♪.

The style of music is mostly cute, dynamic and energetic! In addition to the most well-known キミとのメロディー♪, in 2019, a different style of Japanese songs and lyric songs will be released, bring everyone a different Oune MIYUi♪.

Hope to pass on happiness and joyful music energy to everyone!💓💓

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